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After my dog started having health problems, I decided that I needed to take his medical care more seriously. Instead of simply taking him to the cheapest clinic, I started looking around for a veterinarian that actually specialized in his symptoms. I was able to find an excellent doctor that actually understood what my pet was going through, and it was a huge relief. The doctor was able to treat my little friend's condition, and he gradually recovered. This blog is all about the importance of taking your pet to the right veterinarian, not just the most convenient one. You never know, it could save your pet's life.

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The Easter Bunny Is On Its Way: Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Get Sick By Eating These Foods

The Easter Bunny is on the way soon, and if you have a dog, it will be underfoot while your children are digging into their Easter baskets, as well as during dinner if you are having family over. Below is some information about certain types of foods that will make your dog sick. You never know if your children and/or your guests will be generous with their goodies and food and share with your dog.


One of the main types of candies in most Easter baskets is chocolate. One small piece or two of chocolate will likely not hurt your dog, but larger quantities can make your dog very sick. This is because theobromines and caffeine are found in chocolate, which are two ingredients your dog should never have. Some symptoms your dog can exhibit by eating too much of this include:

  • Extreme hyperactivity
  • Excessive thirst
  • Seizures


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is found in sugar-free candies. If you put this type of candy in your child's Easter basket and they feed it to your pet, it can lower their blood sugar and raise its insulin levels, which could result in coma and even death.

Easter Grass

If your child leaves their Easter basket sitting around unattended, your dog may get into it and ingest Easter grass. This can be dangerous, as it can get wrapped up in your dog's intestines, which could result in a blockage. Some signs that your dog may have this obstruction include loss of appetite and vomiting. If your dog is having these symptoms, take them to your veterinarian. They will x-ray their abdominal area. If Easter grass is found, your vet will have to do surgery to remove the grass from your dog's intestines.


If you serve bread during your family dinner, make sure you tell your guests not to give any of it to your dog. If your dog only has a small amount of it, the bread will not cause it to become sick. If you have many guests at your dinner, however, and many of them choose to hand your dog some bread, this can result in a problem. This is because the yeast in the bread can cause your dog's stomach to expand, which would cause extreme gas build up and damage to their digestive system.

If your dog has any of the above symptoms, call a veterinary hospital like Northwest Animal Hospital immediately. The sooner your dog is treated, the better.