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After my dog started having health problems, I decided that I needed to take his medical care more seriously. Instead of simply taking him to the cheapest clinic, I started looking around for a veterinarian that actually specialized in his symptoms. I was able to find an excellent doctor that actually understood what my pet was going through, and it was a huge relief. The doctor was able to treat my little friend's condition, and he gradually recovered. This blog is all about the importance of taking your pet to the right veterinarian, not just the most convenient one. You never know, it could save your pet's life.

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5 Times You Should Take Your Cat To A Veterinary Office As Soon As Possible

If you have a cat, you may not realize when your pet is having an emergency. Some health conditions should not wait until a regularly scheduled veterinary appointment; they require immediate treatment. Here are a few emergencies that should be addressed immediately by taking your cat to the veterinarian's office as soon as possible:

Problems Breathing

Sometimes a cat may show signs of labored breathing. This can be an indication that the cat has an object blocking its airway, or it could be that the cat is suffering a different type of respiratory distress. Regardless of the reason for the difficulty breathing, the cat should be seen as soon as possible. The veterinarian will be able to identify and address the cause of the problem. However, it is important not to delay, since a cat can die within minutes without oxygen.

Lack of Appetite

Cats can certainly be finicky, but if your feline friend refuses to eat for more than a day, it needs prompt veterinary care. A complete lack of appetite can be due to a more serious underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or kidney failure.

Lack of Urination

Male cats, in particular, have a tendency to suffer from a urinary obstruction. This can cause the cat a great amount of discomfort and can eventually lead to kidney failure. When a urinary obstruction is present, you may notice that you are cleaning the litter box less often. The cat will not be able to urinate as long as the blockage is present. An obstruction is usually treatable, but until the cat is seen by a veterinarian, it may continue to suffer a great amount of pain.

Suspected Poisoning

If you suspect that your cat has ingested a poison, such as antifreeze or rat poison, it is important to transport the animal to a veterinary office quickly. Even the ingestion of a small amount of certain toxic substances can end in death.

Aortic Thromoembolism (ATA)

Some cats suffer from a condition known as ATA, which stands for aortic thromboembolism. It is basically a blood clot that occurs in the leg. When this condition happens, the cat usually becomes paralyzed. It may be unable to move its legs at all. Although the condition causes paralysis, it is also accompanied by severe discomfort.

If you believe that your cat is having a medical emergency, it is best to err on the side of caution. Take the animal to a veterinarian in your area as soon as possible. Contact a center like Apple Valley Animal Hospital for more information.