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Finding The Right Vet

After my dog started having health problems, I decided that I needed to take his medical care more seriously. Instead of simply taking him to the cheapest clinic, I started looking around for a veterinarian that actually specialized in his symptoms. I was able to find an excellent doctor that actually understood what my pet was going through, and it was a huge relief. The doctor was able to treat my little friend's condition, and he gradually recovered. This blog is all about the importance of taking your pet to the right veterinarian, not just the most convenient one. You never know, it could save your pet's life.

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Summertime Care Tips For Dogs Between Grooming Visits

If you have a dog that loves the outdoors, sometimes this can lead to more work when it comes to keeping your dog clean and safe throughout the summer months. If your pet has a standing appointment with the dog groomer, there are a few things that you can maintain between visits in the summer months. Here are three quick grooming tips you can keep up on at home between trips to the professional groomers.

1. Clean Up those Paws

If you have an exceptionally shaggy dog, you might want to leave their overall haircut to the groomers. You can do a quick toe clean up on your own though to keep your pet free of matting and thorns. Start by either picking up one paw at a time or have your dog lay down for a quick paw trim. By squeezing their paw pad, the fur between toes will be easier to trim quickly and keep your pet's feet from tracking in more dirt and grime between haircuts.

2. Summer Bath Time

While your dog might get dirtier in the summer because they are outside more often, you can take advantage of the warm weather with outdoor baths with the garden hose. If your dog is just too big to get in the tub inside, a quick spray-down, lather, and rinse will keep them going in the summer months. Invest in some dog shampoo, and keep an old towel handy to wipe down your dog and then let them air dry in the sun. This will keep them a little cleaner until your groomer can give them a more pampered bath.

3. Spot-Check Ears and Gums

While you might want to leave cleanings for your dog's ears and mouth to the vet, you can still spot-check these areas for issues. If your dog's ears are sensitive to the touch, there may a thorn stuck or possible infection. Your dog may need to get to the groomer or vet to get this checked on ASAP. While there are some treats that can help with dental care and brushers available, sometimes a deep clean will be needed at the vet's office. If you notice inflammation on your dog's gums, it is a good idea to bring them in for an assessment and possible cleaning.

When it comes to your dog's health, some cleaning and upkeep can only be done at the vet or pet groomers. While you are in between visits, be sure to keep up on day-to-day grooming tasks that can keep your pet clean, and out of trouble. While you can leave big jobs to the vet or groomers, like those at Kenhaven Animal Hospital, to take care of, you can do a few grooming techniques right at home and keep your pet on the move all summer.